Recent fixes/improvements in adxv at MacCHESS

UPDATE 2015-01-08
MacCHESS has reverted to the standard distribution of ADXV (Scripps) in order to support a new file type. I missed some of the modifications to which I had become accustomed, and contacted the maintainer of ADXV (Andy Arvai) to ask if he would be willing to include them in the standard version. As a result, the Anchor1 resolution ring feature should now be available in the standard version.
Also, I am told, "The beam center may be set by simultaneously pressing the Shift key and Middle mouse button in the Image Window." This is probably covered in the manual.

Adxv is a viewer for displaying diffraction images during data collection. I think adxv was originally written by folks at ADSC and has been modified by numerous folks over the years. I claim credit for only a few recent tweaks in the version used at MacCHESS.

Saving images

Several bug fixes and tweaks were made to the File>Save feature (menu shown below).

To make a full-resolution image, set the Scale to 100% in the Adxv Control window. The resulting output will cover the full image, not just the portion visible in the display window.

Setting the beam center

A couple improvements have been made to ease the setting of the direct beam center in the Adxv Settings menu (see below).

Resolution Rings

Several improvements have been made to the Resolution Rings option.

A resolution ring created with the Anchor1 option.

Last modified 2015-01-08
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