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Workshop on
X-ray Science with Coherent Radiation
- satellite meeting of SRI 2003

August 22-23, 2003
Building 50 Auditorium, LBNL
Berkeley, CA, USA

 Workshop Proceedings 

Advanced Registration:    July 1, 2003
Abstract Submission:        July 1, 2003
Hotel Reservation:          July 21, 2003

Workshop Chairs:

Qun Shen, CHESS, Cornell University
    John Spence, Arizona State University / LBNL
    John Arthur, SSRL, Stanford University


  Workshop Overview:

Energy-recovery linac (ERL) and x-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) synchrotron radiation sources will provide diffraction-limited or fully transversely coherent radiation in the hard x-ray regime, with at least two-orders-of- magnitude increase in average coherent flux over present- day sources.   This 2-day workshop will explore novel scientific applications of future coherent hard x-ray sources, including both applications that make use of dc source properties and applications that depend on pulsed sources.  Topics will include all aspects of a coherent experiment, from source and optics to experimental techniques, applications and analytical methods. 

The meeting will begin early Friday, August 22, and end late afternoon Saturday, August 23, 2003. The format will facilitate the maximum amount of discussion.  There will be sessions for invited talks and poster sessions for in-depth discussions.  

  Topics and Sessions:
  • Future coherent sources and beamlines
  • Coherence preserving and generating optics
  • Coherent diffuse scattering and speckle
  • Coherent crystallography on nanocrystallites
  • Phase contrast x-ray microscopy
  • Single particle diffraction imaging
  • Phase retrieval methods
  • Wavefront shaping and lithography
  • Holography and interferometry
  Invited Speakers:

Confirmed invited speakers include:  
Peter Cloetens
Christian David
Enzo DiFabrizio
Jeroen Goedkoop
(van der Waals-Zeeman Inst.)
Gerhard Gruebel (ESRF),
Malcolm Howells
Tetsuya Ishikawa
Chris Jacobsen
(Stony Brook),  
Bruno Lengeler
John Miao
Keith Nugent
David Paterson
Ian Robinson
David Sayre
(Stony Brook), 
Anatoly Snigirev (ESRF),
John Spence
(Arizona State),
Mark Sutto
(McGill),  and 

=> See tentative program.

  For more information please contact:

Dr. Qun Shen (qs11@cornell.edu)
or Virginia Bizzell (vfb2@cornell.edu)
CHESS, Wilson Laboratory
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
Phone: (607) 255-0923
Fax:     (607) 255-9001


















































This page written by Qun Shen (qs11@cornell.edu). Last updated on 8/14/2003.