Workshop Proceedings 

 X-ray Science with Coherent Radiation

--  Satellite Meeting of SRI 2003

Bldg.50 Auditorium
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720, USA

Oral Presentations:

Qun Shen (Cornell):  Welcome (94KB)
Sol Gruner (Cornell):  Energy recovery linac source propertie (2.9MB)
Jerry Hastings (Stanford):  Linac based X-ray sources: temporal & spatial coherence (2.4MB)
Bruno Lengeler (Aachen):  Tutorial - Coherence in X-ray physics (3.5MB)
Sunil Sinha (UCSD):  Introduction to X-ray intensity fluctuation spectroscopy (0.9MB)
Mark Sutton (McGill):  X-ray intensity fluctuation spectroscopy (2.7MB)
Gerhard Gr
bel (ESRF):  Dynamic SAXS with coherent x-ray (0.7MB)
Jeroen Goedkoop (Amsterdam):  Soft x-ray coherent magnetic scattering experiments (0.9MB)
Ian Robinson (UIUC):  Inversion of coherent diffraction images of nanocrystals (3.0MB)
John Spence (ASU):  Ptychography and diffractive imaging with x-rays & electrons (5.2MB)
Don Bilderback (Cornell):  Introduction to X-ray optics for coherence (88KB)
Tetsuya Ishikawa (SPring8):  Coherence preserving reflecting and crystal optics (3.1MB)
Stefano Cabrini (Eletra):  Shaping x-rays by diffractive coded nano-optics (6.6MB)
David Paterson  (APS):  X-ray coherence measurements (8.3MB)
Wenbing Yun (Xradia):  Nanometer imaging with high brightness source
Chris Jacobsen (SUNY-SB):  Coherence and x-ray microscopy (21.1MB)
Keith Nugent (Melbourne):  Recovering phase and correlations from x-ray fields (1.4MB)
Peter Cloetens (ESRF):  3D phase tomography (8.3MB)
Andrew Peele (Melbourne):  X-ray vortices in coherent wavefield (2.1MB)
Christian David (PSI):  Diffractive optics and shearing interferometry (6.5MB)
Michael Drakopoulos (ESRF):  High q resolution by coherent and focused hard x-rays (2.1MB)
Makina Yabashi (SPring8):  Two-photon interferometry (1.2MB)
David Sayre (SUNY-SB):  Diffraction Imaging of the general particle (76KB)
John Miao (Stanford):  Diffraction imaging with coherent x-rays (2.2MB)
Malcolm Howells (LBNL):  3D X-ray microscopy by phasing diffraction patterns (12.7MB)
Stefan Hau-Riege (LLNL):  Hydrodynamic models of x-ray irradiated bio-molecules (0.5MB)
John Arthur (Stanford):  Workshop summar
y (53KB)

Poster Presentations:

Bergemann et al.Focusing x-ray beams to nanometer dimensions
Chesnel et al.Magnetic speckles from nanostructures
Evans-Lutterodt:  Single-element elliptical hard x-ray micro-optics
Falus et al.
A fast CCD camera for x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy and ... 
He et al.:  Lessons from an experiment of high resolution Fourier transform holography ...
Novikov et al.Invalidity of low-pass filtering in atom-resolving x-ray holography
Okamoto et al.:  Measurements of spatial coherence of x-ray laser from recombining Al plasma
Pfeifer et al.Avoidance and removal of phase vortices in reconstruction of noisy coherent ...
Pfeiffer et al.Pushing the limits of coherent x-ray diffraction:  Imaging single sub-micrometer ...
Rosfjord et al.Coherent soft x-ray branchline at the Advanced Light Source
Shen et al.Coherence applications of a diffraction-limited ERL x-ray source
Snigereva et al.Near-diffraction limited coherent X-ray focusing using planar refractive lenses
Yakhou et al.Coherent hard x-ray scattering experiments at large diffraction angles
Ziegler et al.:  Multilayer x-ray optics: Progress in coherence preservation

Photos, etc:

Group photos: #1, #2, #3, #4
Bruno Lengeler's lecture
Audience: #1, #2
Discussion & small groups: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
Thanks to Cathy, Virginia, and Linda, and to Laura Brown who helped behind scenes ...

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