HKL2000 Site Definition Files

           HKL2000 "" files are available for CHESS stations/detectors. Please be aware that the beam positions given in these files are often incorrect, because the detectors may be translated vertically and horizontally by the users. In addition, the wavelength for the MAD station F2 is variable and will probably need to be changed.

           To long-time users: note that it is no longer necessary to set the oscillation range to a negative value. Also, spindle rotation is now in the same direction at all three MacCHESS stations A1, F1, and F2.

Available files:

Pilatus 6M at A1
Q-210 at A1, binned
Q-210 at A1, unbinned
Pilatus 6M at F1
Q-270 at F1, binned
Q-270 at F1, unbinned